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6 Things I wish someone told me before we built...

Are you making the same mistake? Building a house is a big project that comes with a lot of expenses. It’s an endeavor that you would want to plan and research carefully on. Let me save you some time (and money!) by sharing what I learned about building a house!

1st research contractors. Ask for referrals and reviews before doing business with contractors. Make sure they are licensed and ask for multiple estimates so you can compare which is best for you. Go with local contractors who have more credibility, even though they might cost you more.

2nd, design for your future. If you are building a home to live in it as a “forever home” you need to think about your plans for the next five to 10 years. Are you planning to grow your family? What are some recreational hobbies that you need space for? If you build with a “now” perspective you might find yourself needing more space when you get more children or when you start a business, etc.

3rd, finish everything before moving in. It might be tempting to move in your new build even though some parts aren’t done yet, like landscaping or your basement. It will be easier and cheaper to have everything done rather than to have your contractors come back later to finish those things. Plus, you might end up putting things off if you choose to move in before having everything completed.

Plan for storage. Storage is one thing that most people overlook and underestimate, but realize later on that they should have added more storage or planned their storage spaces more carefully.

Whether you live in that house for years or decide to sell it later on, Go neutral. When deciding on the interior paint of your home, don’t go with anything that’s too bright or too colorful because you might regret it later and end up spending more money to repaint the house after a few years. Choose neutral colors and you’ll never go wrong!

Lastly, building a home is stressful but rewarding. Unlike buying a home, building one from scratch is a whole other level of stress. From planning to decision- making and compromises, you need to be prepared emotionally and mentally. But it’s also worth it once you’ve completed the project and move in!

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