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Are you making the mistake of ignoring these red flags?

When you fall in love with the home that you’re about to buy, whether new or old, you automatically look at it through rose-colored glasses. And this gives you the tendency to ignore possible issues. Most especially when buying an older home, no matter how big or small the concern is, you must never ignore it and make sure it gets addressed before you proceed with the purchase.

To help you look at it objectively, here are red flags to watch out for before you buy an older home:

  • Previous renovations. Knowing the renovation history of the home will help you avoid possible problems in the future.

  • Visible cracks, jammed doors, and stuck windows. Any of these may be a sign of structural or foundation problems.

  • Electrical wiring and circuit breakers. Old electrical systems may pose a greater risk of fire as they might have deteriorated over time or they might not be able to handle your modern appliances.

  • Termites. Check for signs of possible termite damage such as hollow-sounding wood, flaking of paint, discoloration, bubbling, or warping of wood surfaces.

  • Lead paint and asbestos. Older homes have possibly used lead paint so it would be best to conduct lead testing to avoid serious health problems. Also, some old homes used asbestos for insulation and fireproofing so you might also have to check this one.

Planning to buy an older home? Let me help you ensure you won’t miss out on any red flags! Send me a message today.

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