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Selling Privately? 9 Must-know answers to protect your decision and investment

The #1 trick to successfully selling privately is knowing the answers to these questions!

Selling FSBO can be tricky as you won’t have the knowledge and expertise that a real estate agent has. So, to protect your decision and investment, here are 9 questions that will serve as a guide in selling your property on your own.

1. Based on the value of your home, what is the best possible price?

2. How will I negotiate the highest selling price?

3. What will be my marketing strategy to find buyers?

4. What are the things I must disclose?

5. What paperwork is required?

6. Do I understand all the required laws and pertaining documentation required?

7. How will the ownership be transferred?

8. What is my criteria in screening potential buyers?

9. What will happen to the current mortgage?

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