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The Right Improvements to your home can result in faster sale/high price!

Here’s what the experts don’t tell you – small details matter. As the homeowner, you probably tend to overlook small details in your home that you didn’t know could turn off a buyer. But keep in mind that even the tiniest detail matters when it comes to showing your home to a buyer.

Of course, they would want their new home to be perfect. So they will be very meticulous in checking out the home. They will notice and be put off by a raised toilet lid, a full waste basket, or even a dirty rug. These small things that you easily brush off as a homeowner can be a big deal for them.

So before showing your home, make sure that everything is perfect. When staging your home, aside from upgrades and general cleaning, lighting plays a big role in making your home look pleasant.

Check if all light bulbs are working. Unclog your drains so water will drain faster when your potential buyer tests the sink and water flow. Clean your windows thoroughly to remove scratches. You can also change your blinds or curtains for a fresher look. Inspect your drawers and cabinets and ensure they are functioning well. A squeaky cabinet door or a drawer that gets stuck is definitely a turn-off for potential buyers.

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