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Top 3 places to go hiking in Central Florida:Rise and shine, nature lovers and hikers!

🚶🏻‍♂️Put on your hiking shoes as Nov 17th is #NationalHik

If you haven’t gotten the chance to explore the best trails in Central Florida yet, now is your chance! Especially as the weather is getting cooler!

I’ve compiled everything for you! Here are the top 3 places to go hiking in Central Florida:

1. Green Swamp West: The Green Swamp is well known as an important source of Central Florida’s water. The Withlacoochee and Ocklawaha Rivers flow north from this mosaic of pine, prairie, and cypress domes, while the Hillsborough and Peace Rivers flow south. All get their start here in the midst of a swamp that isn’t as swampy as you’d think. This linear section of trail, is, in fact, generally dry. It crosses prairies and sandhills and meanders beneath tall pines. With two cars, it’s a comfortable day hike between trailheads.

2. Green Swamp East: 7 miles - The Green Swamp is a critical recharge area for the Floridian aquifer as well as the source of the Hillsborough, Withlacoochee, Ocklawaha, and Peace rivers. This small section has a landscape of pine flatwoods, cypress domes, and hardwoods that make for a variety of beautiful ecosystems to hike through. The trail is on top of the old trams that were used for railroads built by the Cummer Company to remove pine and cypress in 1922-1959. There are low areas in between that can be wet during rainy season. Hike to the bench at the scenic overlook and pause to reflect on how the railroad extended further from the end of the tram on pilings and the logging done in the area before you hike back.

3. Little Big Econ: 4.9 miles - Named one of the United State’s most family-friendly hikes by the American Hiking Society, the Florida Trail’s Little Big Econ section is one any visitor to the Orlando area should seek out and enjoy.

On this meandering route paralleling the Econlockhatchee River, you’ll enjoy views of the river from the bluffs, lush stands of palm trees, and numerous bridge crossings over tributaries that feed the river. From the Barr Street trailhead, it’s a 5.4-mile round trip to walk out to the pedestrian bridge over the river and back, savoring the best parts of the hike.

4. Bull Creek- Park at the 192 entrance for Bull Creek

(28.116917, -80.932467) Round trip distance of hike:5 miles (out and back) Description: Located just off of the FNST, the Crabgrass Creek Cemetery (28.101500, -80.946533) has been in place for centuries and is still an active cemetery. A popular full moon hike location, this cemetery has graves from 1883 until present day. A hike to this cemetery crosses several bridges in Bull Creek WMA before utilizing a dirt road to reach the site. Always check hunt dates before hiking and wear orange in the WMA.

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Which one will you go to first? Share with your hiking buddy and start your adventure!

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