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What you REALLY need when moving to a new neighborhood 👇

When making a move, you’ll want to choose a neighborhood that fits your needs and makes your feel comfortable. There are many factors to consider including nearby services and commute time. Here are few top considerations to keep in mind while you complete your apartment search.

The first thing you want to do is meet some neighbors to make friends. It’s great to know people in your neighborhood even on a casual level. It can help keep your home safe and someone can keep a watchful eye to your home when you’re away.

Second is to download local apps. Whether you need to find the closest metro station or a grocery delivery service, apps can make moving to a new place much easier! Do some research before you arrive to find out what apps are most used in your area. I love using Google Maps and also Yelp when finding local restaurants and reviews on businesses before trying them.

Third, you’d want to map out your new commute. Aside from from familiarizing yourself with the best route to work, you’ll also want to know the public transportation, how to get to your kids’ schools, nearest hospitals, groceries and pharmacies, and other important establishments. Again Google Maps works wonders and you can even save these places as favorites until you memorize how to get there.

Lastly, stay close to family and friends back home. While it’s exciting to be in a new place, one of the most important tips for moving to a new city and getting adjusted is not forgetting about the friends and family who are cheering you on at home. Keep in touch and know that you are loved and missed. After you get settled in your city, invite them to stay for a weekend and show them how well you’ve done adjusting to your new home!

Looking to move to a new community? I’m here to help you with that process from start to finish. Send me a message april@aprilannspaulding or call/text me at 8638661044 and let’s me know what you’re looking for!

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